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Sellers Guide


1. Recycle your used kitchen. It makes a new kitchen purchase carbon neutral!

2. Earn cash for your old kitchen, rather than paying for it to go to the tip.

3. Find your kitchen a new home. Your old kitchen is a great start for others.

4. Because there is a large market for used kitchens. We get over 9000 visitors to our site a month. These visitors are mainly people looking for used kitchens.

5. Because selling your old kitchen is not as hard as you may think. People are respectful and very appreciative when dealing with sellers.

We encourage kitchen renovators who would generally dispose of their old kitchen to list it on our website. You will be amazed by how many people are looking for a used kitchen!

Sellers Listing Packages and Fees..


Take photos and reduce them in size for the web. It is best to save them in a JPG format, under 250KB in size, otherwise you will have trouble loading the on the site. Ensure that you have one photo showing the whole kitchen.

If you are unsure how to reduce the size of your photo's, please finish your listing without loading the photos then email them to secondhandkitchens@gmail.com and we will load them for you.

Include overall measurments of the kitchen, including work top height and overall kitchen height. Refer to the "Examples of kitchen shapes" on the home page. (Eg: A = 3400mm and B = 3100mm)

Include as much information as you can on the kitchen finishes and colors. Do the best you can when describing your kitchen, remembering it is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect the kitchen before buying. *

Advertise your kitchen for a fair price. You are able to change the price at any time.

Note when the kitchen will be ready to be picked up.

Remember that you are able to modify your listing at any time after placing an advert.

Please read the "Selling Process" and "FAQ Frequently asked questions" pages to understand the recommended selling process.

*We always recommend people to inspect a kitchen prior to making an offer to buy, should you be unsure on the information you give.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.


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