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Seller Fees


APPLIANCE LISTING – Your appliance listing will last for 30 days. You can load 4 x photos. - ₤10

STANDARD LISTING – Your standard classifieds listing will last for 30 days. You can load up to 9 photos. Your listing will last 30 days. - ₤25

TURBO LISTING - Your turbo listing will be advert will by highlighted as well as featured on the front page of this site. You may load up to 12 photos. You can list your kitchen for 60 days. We will also load your kitchen advert onto Gumtree to give you maximum exposure. (If you need to renew your listing after 60 days, you are welcome to do so at no charge) - ₤60

TIP - If you are unsure how to reduce the size of your images prior to placing your advert with us, you may have trouble loading all your images to your listing. Please email them directly to us at secondhandkitchens@gmail.com, after you have placed an advert.


You can pay using PayPal or Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa). Your Credit Card payment will go through a secure gateway. Once payment has been made, we will make your listing live.


1. Offer potential buyers as much information as possible on the dimensions of the kitchen, what materials the kitchen is finished in and the condition of the kitchen.

2. Second hand kitchens that include electrical appliances are easier to sell.

3. Even though most people who are buying a second hand kitchen understand that they are responsible to remove the kitchen, generally kitchens that are already dismantled by the seller are much easier to sell. Remember to take lots of photos prior to dismantling your kitchen so people get a better idea of what it looks like.

4. Most buyers want to see a kitchen prior to purchasing and most sellers want to meet the person who is going to dismantle the kitchen. We recommend a classifieds selling format to give people time to inspect the kitchen prior to making an offer rather than the shorter 7 day auction format. Sales conducted using the classifieds format are less likely to fall through.

5. When taking photos of the used kitchen, ensure one of the photos is of the whole kitchen, to give people a better idea of what it looks like.

6. It is important to let buyers know when the kitchen will be ready to remove.

7. It is also important to let buyers know if the price is negotiable. For some reason buyers are reluctant to call sellers to negotiate, so if the kitchen is listed for a price above their budget, more often than not, they will not bother to call.

8. We get an average of 550 people a day looking for used kitchens (you can actually see how many of those people view your listing), so if you have a listing on out site but no one is contacting you, it would be worth revising your selling price.


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