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Below are some answers to Questions people have when buying or selling a second hand kitchen:

Are there many people interested in buying used kitchens? There is a huge market for used kitchens. Buying a second hand kitchen is a lot cheaper than buying a new one. People buy them as a temporary kitchen until they can afford to renovate, they are used for holiday homes. It also makes good sense to recycle a kitchen rather than throwing it out.

How long does it take to sell a kitchen? Most kitchens will sell in between 2 to 4 weeks. But it will depend on what price you sell the kitchen for. If a good kitchen is well priced, it will sell fast. Our "standard" listing will last 30 days. However our "featured" and "turbo" listing options give you as long as you need to sell your kitchen. We will send an email to you after 30 days to sell if you wish to renew your "standard" listing.

How to I pay? We accept PayPal, Mastercard and Visa.

What conditions do you suggest to sell my kitchen? Please look in the "Selling Process" tab on the home page.

Who do you suggest should disconnect the appliances, power, gas and water? ? The seller should disconnect all plumbing and electrical. Please discussed this prior to agreeing to a price and organising the removal of the kitchen.

Who dismantles and takes the old kitchen away? ? The buyer would normally be responsible for the removal of the old kitchen.

How can I be sure the kitchen is in good condition? We would always suggest you inspect a kitchen prior to purchasing. Please note that there is no warranty on the appliances if they are included with the kitchen. There is no guarantee that they will operate when you reinstall them.

How do I secure the kitchen before someone else? The first person to pay a deposit will ensure they secure the kitchen. Do not rely on someone to hold the kitchen for you until you inspect it. First in, first served! We recommend you always check the kitchen out before making an offer, however be mindful that there may be more than one person interested.

Can I dismantle before I list my kitchen for sale? Always take photos of the kitchen before you dismantle it so people visualize what the kitchen looks like. Otherwise they will only see a pile of old boxes. Buyers do generally prefer that the kitchen is already dismantled.

Do you have contractors to dismantle kitchens? The contractors installing the sellers new kitchen may be able to help. However, don't consider buying a second hand kitchen unless you have a carpenter or installer to dismantle, transport and reinstall the kitchen for you.

How do I ensure the kitchen will fit in my new space? Kitchens can be modified to suit your space. You may need to purchase a new worktop, but the cabinets are normally quite modular, so they can be reconfigured. Buying a larger kitchen will give you more cabinets to choose from when working out a new layout. If you are someone that can "think outside the square", a second hand kitchen can present great value.

Does your company buy used kitchens? We are only a classifieds website.

What information do I include when listing my kitchen on your site? We give you a list of questions to answer when loading your kitchen. Please answer them truthfully, as best you can. Buyers want to know sizes, colours and materials. Please want to know the condition of the kitchen, the age and when it will be available to pick up. Include as much information as possible.

How can I be sure that only genuine buyers are contacting me about my advert? The more details you include when selling your kitchen the more genuine the inquiry. Include lots of photos and sizes of the cabinets as it makes it easier for people to work out if they can make your kitchen work in their space prior to contacting you to view it. Please watch out for scams. Please go to our Identify scams link for more details.

How much do I sell for second hand kitchens for? It depends on whether it includes appliances and how old it is. It also depends on how quickly you want to sell the kitchen. Do a search of our “Recently Sold Kitchens” category to get an idea of what people have sold kitchens for in the past.

I have lots of people viewing my kitchenlisting, but i have had no enquiries, why? Make sure your contact details are correct including your email address. You will probably find that if you reduced your price you will have better success. You can log into your advert at any time to adjust your selling price.