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Buyers Guide

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We encouraging renovators who would normally send their old kitchen to the tip, to list it on our classifieds website. They are encouraged to include as much information as possible, so ybuyers can determine whether the kitchen would be worth inspecting to purchase.


Most Important- Please read the "Selling Process" and "FAQ's" pages, shown in the navigation block to the left, to understand the recommended selling process.

When looking at a used kitchen, consider that it can always be reconfigured to suit your room. You could buy a kitchen but only use 3/4 of the kitchen cabinets. Many buyers purchase the cabinets and arrange a new worktop to suit.

Second hand kitchen cabinets present excellent value, particularly when they include the kitchen appliances.

Make sure you have help when removing a kitchen as granite work tops and large pantry cabinets can be awkward and heavy to move.

We always recommend you look at a kitchen prior to making an offer to buy.

Used kitchens are popular and always have a deadline to be out of the room so a new kitchen can be installed, so if you like a kitchen, make contact with the seller and make an offer!

If you have any questions please contact us.