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About Us

Second Hand Kitchens was launched in 2006 by Liam Murphy. Liam has been in the kitchen renovation industry for the last 25 years.

We set the site up to allow people to recycle their used kitchens rather than sending them to land fill. We have provided us much information as possible on the site to ensure people can sell their existing kitchen with confidence. Our site is a classifieds site, which we believe is the best format to sell a kitchen, as we believe it is always preferable to meet the person who wishes to buy and remove the kitchen from your home before you agree to terms with them.

Second Hand Kitchens provide a website that specialises in selling second hand kitchens and appliances as well as showroom ex display kitchens. We provide information on the site to help buyers and sellers better understand how the process should work.

The purchase of a new kitchen is getting more expensive and the number of people looking at used kitchens and appliances as an option is growing. We get over 400 people a day looking for second hand kitchens and we are in need of more kitchens to cater to the growing market.

We encourage people who are considering selling their old kitchen to emailing Annabel or Liam to see whether their kitchen is worth listing on Second Hand Kitchens and how the process works.

Email us at sales@secondhandkitchens.com

If you are interested in being an agent for Second Hand Kitchens in the United Kingdon (whether it be helping sellers to sell their kitchens or dismantle their kitchen), please contact us as we are interested in hearing from you.